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Europe best classifieds websites by country (no spam, only big websites)

Recenly I started looking for a print shop equipment on Romanian biggest classified ads websites, without much satisfaction. So I said... OK, we're in the European Union, why not start looking across the borders for the best price and maybe better performance? Then I realised I don't know where to start, especially if you don't know that foreign language at all. 

With Google Translate by my side I started translating from English to the country language I wanted to look for my purchase. That let me discover much more possibilities than looking only for English results.

So I made a list of websites, most of them non-discoverable for English terms like - for instance - "classified ads in Germany". Google will recommend only spammy / small websites.

I am aware that this list is only at the beginning, and I will ask for help, especially if I missed important websites.

Feel free to comment if this list helped you and contribute with others. There is only one criteria for selection: the website must be big (at least 100 000 ads for general websites) or if it's a niche website, there should be at least 100 ads.

Enjoy my list! scam alert!

Dovezi FOTO: - sursă de dezinformare? Încercând să discrediteze o parte din site-urile "fake news", Digi24 pică în propria-i plasă este un cacat de site. Scuzati cuvantul "site"

O sa fiu scurt si la obiect. Cautam o anumita informatie dupa un set de cuvinte cheie si am fost atras catre asa-zisul site, Numai ca, aici, pe langa faptul ca te inunda reclamele (adsense, pop-under, afiliere etc.), calitatea informatiei este undeva spre zero. Iar scrisul e cu cel mai mic font posibil, aproape ilizibil. implicat intr-un scandal FARA PRECEDENT in Romania!

Why eNom sucks?

Why eNom sucks

I won't say much about this. eNom just sucks. Why? Because when I tried to register a free account with them I got this error: We are unable to process this transaction because we are currently not accepting orders from this IP.

They've just lost a customer for future domain names. Going back to Godaddy (which also sucks, but at least they have nice discounts).

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