Goodbye Opera browser!

I've been using Opera back in the days since 2004-2005 but today I have decided to give up on it. Remove, uninstall, forget it ever existed, forget its name.

It used to be the best browser when Google Chrome was not even imagined. Same with Firefox. I think it was Mozilla those days.

But why am I getting rid of this buggy browser?

The answer is short: it's about Opera's disability to reopen last used tabs/windows after a browser crash. I hate bookmarks. I always forget what I save and what browser I used to save a certain URL. I have 24 GB of RAM memory and I have tens of tabs open in all browsers. As a web designer I have Opera (was my favourite one), Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. 

Why Opera disabled this lovely feature? It used to be the only browser that could save sessions and reopen them even after a system crash. Now Google Chrome does that with just a Ctrl + Shift + T. Firefox has that message "Well, this is embarrassing"... and an option to restore last session. I don't know about IE, because I'm using it only to see how websites are being displayed in the Microsoft browser.

And I'm getting sick of how often the browser incompatibility message occurs when I'm using Opera. Even Google Adsense seems not to support Opera anymore (Your web browser is currently not supported by this application. Please consider using a browser such as Mozilla Firefox (version 3 and above), Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 and above).

Safari for Windows is even more crappy. It looks like a 1998 browser in 2015.

From a techie point of view, I see only two viable options: Chrome and Firefox. Which one do you use? Please leave a comment below.

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