New workplace!

Plus TV Suceava

I'm so excited now that I got a job, something I enjoy doing so much!

Plus TV station, in my hometown almost hired me as a TV camera operator. Almost, because now I'm in sort of a trial.

Now I can say I'm happy to combine work and pleasure by being a camera operator.

In 2009 I was employed in a similar position at another local TV station, Antena 1 Suceava, where I gained some experience. This is a new challenge for me, as I intend to get more involved into the artistic side of - let's say - filmmaking. 

Wish me luck and... patience!

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Yeeeeeeei!!!!I am so glad that you are happy about the new job! I wish you to be less stressed from now on, and learn as much as you can! You can never know what the future has reserved for you. Love you until forever!Alexandra

Well... this is my wife! :)



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