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This is an ongoing Chinese scam with tens of thousands of webpages. They are selling clothing, bags, shoes, electronic scooters etc. There are email addresses for which more than 19000 domains are registered.

Very informative article. Thanks!More people should be aware of these kinds of scams.

I've been battling these scam pages for about 2 months, and it's an uphill battle. Found about 400 new pages in my mother language and managed to delete 90 at domain registrars, but new ones are created every day..advertised by Facebook and by fake reviewers.

Anyway, many people don't know that if they fell victim to one of these pages, not all hope is lost, they can turn to the card issuing bank and ask for a refund through a chargeback procedure.

Thanks for your feedback!

In addition to the chargeback procedure, you also need to cancel your card because the scammers now have all your details.

Good to read this article and good to read it before 'buying' some stuff from them.

But are there some people which failed into the 'trap' of these pages?
Do they really cheat on your card and the money is lost?Or are there some people which deserved an article?

Thanks for your article..I Just bought 2 drones from this page through Facebook..after read your informative article I straight away call my credit card provider to cancel the transaction and block the card..If not dont know what Will happen..anyway thanks again

I realized late after I paid !!!!!
First I bought, then I looked at the details !!! That's it, I can not get the money back.


Talk to your bank and ask for a chargeback. You'll be asked for some details and most of the time, you'll get your money back in 30 days.

Don't forget to block your card and ask for a replacement with a new CVV/CVC number!

Thanks was close to buy this . I always want to see with my own eyes if the realy can deliver the product for the low price :p Bud i think im not gona buy iT this time ..

How are they passing through the Fb ads teams?! I've tried adding some landing pages with affiliate links into them and nearly closed my account, but this apparently looks legit to the ads team...

Very good question, indeed!

I have a guess... I think they cracked some FB accounts and post those fake ads on behalf of genuine pages. They also may pay with victims' credit cards. Clever!

It's just a guess though...

About the ads moderation, I think the fb team have certain criterias for approval or rejecting ads. These fake stores look legit at first sight.

This is exactly what happened! They have entered a genuine page Ads Account and set-up a new campaign on less then 12 hours they've spent a huge amount of money from our ad account, we saw the billing and made a complaint to Facebook. They are investigating and hopefully we'll get the refund. Meanwhile these scammers collect credit cards from naive people. We should spread the warning!

Salute to your kind! You would save a lot of peops from being scammed. Thanks! Cheers!


Thanks! That opens a door to new investigations! I'll post an update.

I suppose this is a new trap, I've almost fell into.... thx to this page !!!!

I have the same money I received and I have not received anything and this month has withdrawn from us that amount. Can I recover? I blocked the card but I do not know if I can recover the money.
Waiting for reply to thank you.

Alin, I'll reply here.

File a complaint with your bank and explain your situation. They could help you with this issue.



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